Friday, June 26, 2015

Alsace Available & New Design

'Alsace' Detail
Yea! Alsace is now available for sale on my website and at Creative Poppy and I hope to have it up on ICG in the next few days so that retail shops may purchase it.  The frame for it is on the way and hopefully I'll have a photo of it next post.  It was a long stitch, especially since I had to stop it in order to stitch Winter Daybreak for Just Cross Stitch magazine.

I've just gotten the model off to them and they plan to feature it in their February edition.  That seems like a long time from now, but magazines usually have their editions ready that far in advance.  Sitting here in a heat wave I can't tell you how much I look forward to that time of year, lol

Inspired by some awe inspiring winter sunrises here on Gracewood, here is the finished model.  Those are some pearl seed bead embellishments, the camera didn't catch very well. 

Winter Daybreak

Of course I can't sit here with nothing on my frame or without a needle in my hand, so I've just begun stitching the next pattern in my Vintage Textile Collection.  This time I was inspired by some of the wonderful historical fabrics from Japan.  Watching all those Korean and Japanese dramas I've mentioned, it is impossible not to be awed by their sense of color, texture and design.

There are of course many types of Japanese textile styles to choose from, including their silk kimonos to their peasant style of patchwork called 'Boro'.  But it was the homely feel of their home dyed indigos that I've chosen for the next design, 'Kyoto'.


I think this one is going to be a 'happy' stitch :) 

There have been more wildlife visitors to Gracewood this month, another young bear appeared at our birdfeeders and yesterday I looked up from stitching and just out the window towards the mountains was a large bald eagle lazily flying just a few feet away from the porch.   I hope the heat wave we're having won't be too hard on the critters, it isn't just me that finds it hard to thrive in summer's too hot temps.

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