Saturday, September 29, 2018

"October~Homespun Oaks" New Calendar Collection Design

It surely looks like autumn on Gracewood.  The mountain's have swaths of yellow aspen, birch, and tamarack and the maple, ash and cottonwood trees we planted when we first moved here are all dressed in their fall colors.

"October~Homespun Oaks"

One of the things that make this time precious is that all that color is fleeting and with each storm that passes through the leaves fly off the trees and the landscape gets bare preparing for the snow to come.  Passing things we love are really more precious to us, aren't they? 

Oak isn't a tree that grows here but in my mind they are definitely part of the year's succession and what says fall more than acorns?  They became the inspiration for this next month's pattern in the Calendar collection.  I've also had the picture in my mind of homespun plaid fabrics for October's background.  At this cozy time of year (in this half of the world) I reach for warm throws and flannel sheets and wanted to bring that feel to this pattern.

I'm stitching it with Kreinik's Silk Mora floss in their dark buttercup shades along with a bright pumpkin for a highlight.

It has been a happy stitch so far, probably having to do with my delight that this time of year is here.

Another subject my mind turns to in October is stocking up the pantry and freezer for winter and we are blessed to have a wonderful family nearby who raise the most fabulous meats for stocking that freezer. 

Although the work of maintaining over 200 acres of pasture and raising the healthiest most chemical free animals is daunting, these hard working people do it with the utmost capability and joy.

You can read more about Ramstead Ranch here and below are some of the livestock they make available to very happy customers like us!

They also make many spinners happy by raising some of the most beautiful fleece anywhere.

I'm ready for winter with a few dozen of their chickens and some of their beef and bones for stocks tucked into the freezer.  The stock I'm making from last night's roast chicken is filling the house today, I hope you have such a source somewhere in your area, though I doubt they'll be any tastier than Ramstead's!

Happy Stitching!