Wednesday, April 4, 2018

April Snow Thunder & September~Carnations New Design

April has arrived along with LOTS more snow!  It has been accompanied by thunder which is a remarkable thing to experience.  A few nights ago the weather report was for heavy rain and storms passing through so when I went to bed I opened the window slightly to hear the rain - something I LOVE - but during the night I woke up to strange sounds.  It was like someone was dragging something on the porch.

I woke Terry up to go see what was happening, who the intruder might be making that noise - man or here more often, beast - but after listening a moment he said that it was snow sliding off the roof.  A sound I know well in December and January but not usually in April!

Sure enough the next morning it looked like a Christmas card again with a new 4" of snow on everything.  Springtime in the Rockies is always unpredictable, lol.

It was so pretty I grabbed the camera and this time took photos of chickadees at our feeders - they were rather frantic looking for seed so I thought they wouldn't notice someone taking their picture.  I got these four beautiful shots that Terry has promised to make into a set of watercolors that I can have made into cards.

Cross stitching is still a bit slow for me after surgery and now I've got a bad case of bursitis in my elbow so all stitching is being done with it resting on a pillow and even that hurts too much if I do it too long.  Ah, what a joy it is to age :)

But I have begun stitching the model for the next design for the calendar - September~Carnations.  I'm stitching it in raspberry shades and I think it will be a good color placed next to the first two months I've completed.

This time the fabric background is ticking, hope you like it!

Happy April and happy stitching!