Thursday, May 26, 2016

May on Gracewood & Belfast Preview

May, is usually one of the loveliest months in the northern Rockies and this May seems to be outdoing itself!  We have had LOTS of blessed rain followed by a few days of sun then rain again, basically weather that growing things LOVE!

Terry finished building the raised beds this year and we already have lots growing even this early in the season.  I'll share some photos, but first here is a preview of the close to being completed model for 'Belfast', the latest in the Vintage Textiles collection.

And even though I hate having to stop something this close to completion, I'm going to in order to get the second pattern in the Lace Traces line stitched and off to publishers.  Lace Traces~Shades of Jade has been a hit and I need to finish the second soon to let stitchers know what to expect for the rest of the collection.

Hopefully, I'll soon be done with spending quite so much time with planting and more stitching.

May you also have had a beautiful month wherever you are ~

Jasper 'guarding' the Garden

Garlic loves rain!

Corn peeking out of the ground, the logs are 'guarding' the corn from Jasper

The bittersweet vine has run amuck this spring, full of honey scented flowers and covered with bees!
Roses are rapidly climbing the trellis and full of buds.