Sunday, December 31, 2017

Bye Bye 2017 & Hello 2018

How is it suddenly December 31st?  What happened to all those projects I so carefully came up with last January?  Oh well, I'm optimistic enough to know I'll do it again next month and be grateful for any of them I actually accomplish.

"August~Seaside", the second month design for my Damask Calendar series, is coming along well and has been a lot of fun to stitch.  It is a frosty 7 degrees fahrenheit and we have about 14" of snow this morning and it seems like whatever season I'm in I always enjoy stitching something for the opposite season, go figure, lol

I'm loving this funny little fish looking back at me.

I hope wherever you are it will be a Happy New Year!  And that it will be full of lots of completed projects and happy memories.

Scenes from a very cold but cozy Gracewood this last day of 2017

Jasper LOVES snow!

The local herd begins to gather at back porch for handouts of carrots and apples.
Birds are enjoying the black oil sunflower seeds from the feeders