Friday, October 2, 2015

Lots of Gracewood Stitches N E W S

It is finally October and it does indeed feel like Autumn here on Gracewood.  While it is still way too dry weather wise, we did have enough rain in the last weeks of September to help with all the wildfires and we are so thankful for every drop of it.  Thank the Lord, the fires nearest us are almost all contained and only the fires that are in the steepest and most difficult to get to areas are still having to be monitored.

So with a great deal of relief I can turn my attention back to stitching and designing and I have lots of happy things to report.  First, the 2015 edition of Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments is now available and I'm honored to again be invited to participate.

Full of lots of lovely ornaments, you can find the Gracewood Stitches contribution on page 100.  It is Log Cabin~Noel and it was a lot of fun to stitch.

And in other news, my publisher, Creative Poppy, has a new tutorial online that takes last year's ornament, Twilight, that was in the 2014 Christmas Ornament edition of the magazine and creates a really lovely whole new ornament using beads and beautiful ribbon.

The instructions for the tutorial are available Here

Creative Poppy has also introduced the new collection of  'Swatchables' that will be exclusively available through their site.

The first pattern is Rondo and can be found Here

The design is presented with 3 variations and the collection is created to give stitchers small patterns, or 'swatches' of a motif that can then be stitched in many combinations.

Rondo Swatch

Some of Rondo's Variations

I've also almost finished stitching the Kyoto model and have a new design I'll introduce next blog post.  So as they say, 'watch this space' :)