Saturday, January 19, 2013

Latest Asian Screen Chrysanthemums

I had a lisp as a child, sometimes still do if I'm talking too fast and not remembering all the speech therapy lessons about where the tongue needs to be to make a 'th' versus an 's'. So it is with some trepidation that I named a pattern 'Chrysanthemums'!!LOL

But I love the flowing shapes of chrys... oh well you know, and kept 'seeing' them adorning one of the types of lovely screens from our Korean historical dramas.


I'm glad I threw caution to the wind and went ahead with this one, it is fun to stitch though with the intricate screen you will need to check and double check the lines as they go in and around the design.

Winter continues in all its beauty on Gracewood. One of my favorite things is watching the colors of deepening winter twilights. I took a few photos of one of the peaks that catches the setting sun and as you can see the light changes from the white peak against a very blue sky, then it softens to a pink and then to a soft violet as the light is about to go out for the night.

Cold Blue

Deepening Pink

Violet Twilight

Now, back to those hard for me to pronounce flowers :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Log Cabin Series Complete & Winter Wonderland

Finally! All four models are stitched and framed. Not too bad considering I completed the first one, Autumn, in May. Each one took an average of two months to stitch.

Chrysanthemums is taking shape on my frame and as you can see by these photos it is definitely a good time to sit and stitch!

This is looking out the south door.

Snowing hard again now and we're in the midst of another Winter Storm Warning through tomorrow. The tractor is getting a workout plowing the drive.

These are the scenes I dream of in hot August!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Log Cabin~Summer Done!

Log Cabin~Summer

The four season Log Cabin series models are stitched and I hope to have this framed and a photo of all four of them together in a few days. It will go up for sale on the website in the next day or two and Creative Poppy will be introducing Log Cabin~Spring this month and then Summer to follow.

I'm about to baste the fabric on my frame for the next design, Chrysanthemums. It just doesn't feel right if I don't have something in progress!

Snowing hard here on Gracewood, definitely stitching weather. I also have a design 'percolating' in my head for Easter and hope to introduce it soon.