Sunday, October 6, 2013

Carolina, Coverlets & Computers

Carolina's model is half stitched and it is meeting my aim of creating an image reminiscent of an early American coverlet.

Carolina Model Halfway

These coverlets have such an interesting history. If you aren't familiar with the story, visit this link to see how the early coverlets were made on looms whose patterns were created by punch cards. Punch cards were created as far back as the early 1700's and were perfected for the loom in 1800 by Joseph-Marie Jacquard. 

The coverlets were woven in bands of color, often using white for the actual motifs, that is why using the Assissi technique of leaving the design unstitched on a white or off white background can achieve a similar effect.
1842 Coverlet from Ohio
1852 American Coverlet

Anyone else old enough to remember when computers were programmed with essentially the same type of cards?  Here are some that were actually used on early looms to create some of the first Jacquard woven coverlets.

Early punch cards for Jacquard looms

For me it contributes to the charm of this particular category of Vintage Textiles.

And now for something completely different :)  We are really looking forward to bringing this guy home in two weeks, meet the newest addition to Gracewood