Sunday, June 24, 2018

June Makes All the Critters Happy!!

June is usually a sweet time in the Rockies, and this June has not disappointed.  It is one of our wettest months and that makes everything so lovely and green.  Though it means more tasks to be done, it is also the time when afternoons make the hammock rockin in the shade call your name.
Terry answered the hammock's call

The critters seem to enjoy the month as much as I do.  Last week I was looking out the window towards two of our older apple trees and suddenly saw their tops shaking violently.  I glanced at the other trees to see if it was windy at the moment but all was still.  So I stood up to see two very large elk making the apple trees their morning snack!

And this morning as I pulled back the drapes I saw a pair of rabbits and a yearling doe enjoying themselves.  The rabbits would play attack each other - boy they can hop high! - and the young deer was watching them in wonder.

The Duel

The fog is rolling in so the pic is a bit darker, but the yearling is checking out the 'winning' bunny
It is also cool enough that the comforting sounds and smells of bubbling pots on the stove are happening in the kitchen.  One pot making beef stock and the other making apple/thyme jelly.  This morning's walk through the garden found the thyme at its peak and it was definitely time to pick the thyme and make something with it.  Sourdough biscuits with apple thyme jelly is one of my weaknesses, lol

Lastly, here is the progress I've made on September ~ Carnations.

Yes, I know, it is not as much as I had hoped to have done by this time.  But I'm not being too rough on myself since I'm still trying to recover my 'plateau' of health after the surgery in February.  

I have never mentioned it but I have been ill with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia for more than 30 years and if I go outside of the 'envelope' these immune system illnesses grant me, I fall down the rabbit hole (speaking of rabbits, lol) and it takes a lot of not pushing the envelope to get back to where I can focus and function again.

Since Terry is pulling most of the weight of chores both inside and out I'll hopefully, be back to making some hay with my stitching before too long.

Hoping it is a beautiful June wherever you are!