Thursday, May 21, 2015

Celebrating Creative Stitchers!

How can it be the end of May already?  Time flows so slowly and leisurely in winter and then BAM it is spring and there is so much to be done outside and then there is spring cleaning - any wonder I love winter? lol  Even though there is surely less time for stitching during this time of year I did complete 'Alsace'.

I won't be posting it for sale immediately, I'm waiting to hear from publishers and how and when they want to use it and then I'll have a better idea of when I can make it available on my website.  I'm very happy with how it came out.  It really does look like the type of French ticking fabric that inspired it.

And now I want to show you a wonderful adaptation of my 'Tulip's Praise' pattern.  A friend saw it on facebook and sent a copy of a photo to me.  The creative stitcher is Kay Jones, from the Sticklounge stitching group.  Isn't it lovely?

'Tulip's Praise' done in purples and greens on black fabric by Kay Jones
I am always happy to see someone do their own thing with one of my designs and Kay obviously has a great sense of color and her stitching is beautiful.  Thank you, Kay, for sharing your rendition of this pattern, I love it! :)

I hope to post on the blog in the next few weeks and tell you about a new idea that I hope you will like.  So many inspirations and so little time to produce them right now.

Have a Happy Memorial Day If you are here in the US.  It is the unofficial start of summer holiday season though summer is a few weeks away.  The population of Ione multiplies greatly as people come here to camp, hike, fish, swim and just get away from it all.

Though I do advise them to remember this is mostly wilderness and they may wake up as we did this week to find a 'neighbor' closer than they may find comfortable, especially in a tent!!


  1. Your new piece is awesome! Congrats for being on the cover of Just Cross Stitch ;)