Friday, July 24, 2015

Kyoto Begun, a New Collection Started & Weather Moans

I'll start with the moans, it has been way too hot and dry in the US's Pacific Northwest for this gal.  It just goes that way some years, we've had lots of cool wet summers for which I am most thankful, now I'm working, hard, on being thankful for hot and dry :(  I'm not getting very far with it though, I'm afraid, I just keep greeting each new day as 'oh boy' one less day in July, lol

One good thing about such weather is I become housebound in the air conditioning and so I do get some stitching done.  Truly, I suffer more from 'cabin fever' in summer than winter.

But 'Kyoto' is progressing and it is indeed a 'happy' stitch.  After the first few bands are done I hardly have to look at the pattern, I just glance above on all but a few of the bands.

I'm using Kreinik's Mori silk thread on this in three shades of blue.  It is really a lovely floss and easy to work with.

I've also been working on a new collection that will be called 'Swatchables'.  The concept is a single motif that can then be made into various patterns by either multiplying the motif, taking it apart and putting it back together in another form, or using it in something like a sampler.  Here are a few pics of the first pattern, 'Rondo'. 

From this swatch size motif you can jump off in a few different directions -

Swatch Motif and Diamond shape made by cutting swatch into triangles

Motif tiled to as many repeats as you like to fit your project

An alphabet will be included so you can make the sampler your own as well.
Here is the 'swatch' stitched in a blue and mocha color.

'Rondo' will soon be on sale through my publisher, Creative Poppy

Hope everyone's projects are progressing well!  For those who love summer, enjoy!  For those like me longing for Fall, hang in there, this too shall pass :)

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