Friday, August 16, 2013

Beauvais Completed & Taking Photos of your Work


The Beauvais model is completed and framed and off to Just Cross Stitch magazine for their February 2014 edition.  Stitching mainly evenings while watching something streaming or on dvd, it took eleven weeks to complete and was an enjoyable project.  I hope others will also find it a fun stitch.

The magazine will make the pattern available after publication and I'll be able to sell it from the website and blog, as well as through Creative Poppy and ICG beginning June, 2014. 

I have another design in the Vintage Textile collection ready and will introduce it next week.

And now, I'd like to share a few tips for taking photos of your work.  Frankly it has been the hardest part of designing!  I've tried many techniques and finally found one that works and that is using a light box and a grey card. 

Based on instructions from this site I purchased foam boards at walmart and some clip on lamps.  I found I didn't need the light from the top, just one on each side of the box worked great.  However, without the grey card the photos were way too dark, even with all that light.  Below are photos of the light box and a brief video that shows how to use the grey card. 

Homemade Light Box

How to use a Gray Card


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the info on taking great pics of designs. I knew about the lights and the white board but not this gray card.

  2. I was surprised it made such a difference, be sure to hold the card close to the object you are photographing so the focus will be right when you remove it. I should have kept some of the 'before' pics to show how much better they are with the card. I got mine on ebay for just a few dollars.