Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Design - 'Carolina'


I try to have the next project ready to go as soon as the current model is completed, but due to time constraints on getting Beauvais done I wasn't able to do that this time and was going through withdrawal having no fabric on my frame and next design ready to stitch.  Thankfully, I'm now happily stitching the next pattern, a companion piece to Beauvais, and second in the Vintage Textiles collection - 'Carolina'.

The inspiration for Carolina are the coverlets that were made in Colonial America by the descendants of Huguenots who settled in the Carolinas, primarily in the area of Charleston.  Historic Huguenot Street has some wonderful photos of their work.  Some of my ancestors were Huguenots and I've always been interested in learning about their abilities as artisans, particularly as weavers.

This piece is the same size as Beauvais - though both of the patterns could easily be reduced if you wanted something smaller, just take an even amount of rows and columns away from each side.    My colors for it are in two shades of mauve, using Rainbow Gallery's Splenor silk floss again, the model will be stitched with their shades of rose #S14 & 813 on 18 count antique white aida.

I really am stressed if there isn't a needle in my hand and a pattern next to me to stitch, hopefully I'll plan ahead better next time.