Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stitchin' N Streamin'

Summer has arrived on Gracewood and while I love the roses in bloom and the delicious fruits it brings, on the whole I just don't 'do' heat well.  I'm like a reverse bear I hibernate but not in the winter. 

And while our little part of the world is humming with tourists come to camp and hike and partake of this weekend's Down River Days celebration, I'm only putting a foot out of air conditioning to enjoy the sublime mountain breezes in the early mornings and evenings. 

So, while many do less stitching this time of year due to being out enjoying themselves in the sun, I get a lot of stitching done as I hibernate inside waiting for that first nip in the air that says fall has come.  This year this has been a good thing since I'm working hard on finishing stitching Beauvais' model to get it framed and sent off to Just Cross Stitch magazine by the end of August.

These days I'm finding that nothing facilitates intense stitching like streaming some epic films.  And while I am still obsessed with South Korean sageuks I have also been enjoying watching some BBC productions streaming on Acorn TV. 

This week I enjoyed the newest production of one of my favorite novels, Tolstoy's War & Peace.  Though I admit that this one is War & Peace Lite and while I hate how much it leaves out if there is no other way you'd ever know something of the story and you like lavishly produced period dramas then by all means watch and enjoy this one.

However, watching this one left me wanting the 'real thing' and so I dug through our dvds and found our copy of what has to be the best, as in most complete, filming of this masterpiece, the 1972 version the BBC made starring a very young Anthony Hopkins as Pierre.

I am so very glad that I read this novel when I was younger, no film can do it justice.  They can't portray all of the inner thoughts of the characters that fill this story to the brim, but at least this version made the attempt and it is what helps to make this one truer than any other.  Please don't be satisfied with the laughably brief movie Hollywood attempted with Henry Fonda and Audrey Hepburn, it isn't even the Cliff Notes of this epic novel.

So if you too are a summer hibernator and are seeking something to accompany some serious stitching, give this one a try - I'm happy to find that the complete production is available on You Tube.

Now, off to refill the iced tea glass and get back to stitchin'


  1. Wow, your stitching looks amazing!!!

  2. Thanks Grit, it is definitely intricate but thankfully a lot of fun :)

    Hope your summer is going well.