Friday, May 31, 2013

Iris Celadon Model Complete

Iris Celadon
Iris Celadon was a fun stitch.

I found it was one of those patterns that I could get into an easy rhythm with and could readily stitch as I watched something on tv.  I'm pleased with the effect that alternating threads of darker and lighter shades in the background achieved.  As I sit looking at it on the wall it really did give it dimension that makes it look like a piece of porcelain.  Though I'm sure that using just one shade would also work well.

The pdf charts for Iris Celadon are now for sale on the Gracewood Stitches website for $8.

Do you find that you associate a piece with the programs you watched while you stitched it?  I surely do and for Iris Celadon I'll always think of two wonderful series I stitched it to called The Victorian Kitchen Garden and the Victorian Flower Garden.  They are available on Dailymotion and some are on you tube - here is a taste!


  1. Kathy, the Iris Celadon is beautiful! I like it very much!

  2. Thank you, Lorene, the iris is such an elegant flower it is hard to go wrong with them.