Sunday, May 5, 2013

Springtime in the Rockies & Winner of Drawing

All of our seasons here in the northern Rocky mountains tend to be dramatic, but spring can be especially so.  Maybe because it is our briefest season it is cherished.  Weather can change not just in a week or day but hour to hour as systems come in from the Pacific and this last week was a perfect example of 'typical spring' weather in the Rockies.

This particular day we had rain, hail and snow and the sky was full of colors, from deep violet shades to bright pinks.  When these clouds finally lifted the mountain tops they were hiding were white with deep new snows.

Struggling against all the elements new growth is coming on everything from roses and fruit trees to explosions of color from bulbs we've scattered in the forest over the years.  And one who is enjoying all of this with us is our waif from the winter, 'Buddy' whose story I told you about in January.  The poor half dead, half frozen tabby cat who wandered down our drive is now, thankfully, well enough to begin enjoying exploring Gracewood.

The vet thought he might have a number of health problems, but he certainly is flourishing at the moment and has begun bringing 'gifts' of mice to express his thanks, lol  Lately his favorite pastime has been annoying squirrels as they chatter at him for limiting their access to the firewood.

This weekend is the Lilac Festival in Spokane and while theirs bloom far earlier than ours do, I can already get whifful hints of their heady fragrance. 

Speaking of fragrance :)  The winner of the drawing for a 5 ml decant of Sous le Toit de Paris is Carolyn!  But since only three people commented asking to be included, I'd like to send Pat and Christine a sample of the fragrance as well.  If you three ladies would send me your address at I'll get them mailed off to you.

Spring also means more time required outside and a little less stitching time but Iris Celadon is further along and I hope to be able to devote some time to the next design soon.  Until them, here is this week's progress.

If it is spring where you live, I hope you are enjoying it as much as we are!


  1. Fabulous photo capture of a breath-taking scene - congratulations on an amazing image. Good to see the progress of Iris Celadon too :)

  2. Iris Celadon looks so good! I admire your designing skills and also stitching skills! Very nice! Hugs!

  3. Thanks Maggee, hugs back to you :)

  4. Your Iris pattern is very beautiful! I enjoy how you describe the inspiration for your designs, specially "One May Night" - very evocative.

    1. Thank you, Beauty Bonnet, if I'm not inspired nothing worthwhile appears when I'm designing, thankfully much inspires me :)

      Last night I applied some of my gorgeous gardenia fragrance, Starlet, by Lulu Beauty and Terry walked past then went over to One May Night hanging on the wall and pointed at it and said 'it may have been more than 40 years ago but smelling that gardenia I'm right back on the beach that night'. lol how could that not be inspiring?