Friday, June 7, 2013

Celebrating Creative Stitchers!

I love it when a stitcher takes one of my designs and makes something 'more' out of it!  A great example is what Ursel from the Sticklounge group created using my Tulip's Praise pattern.

Not only did she make a lovely pillow, she also translated the pattern into her own adaptation and made this gorgeous table runner.  Thank you for sharing it, Ursel! 

Vintage Textiles~Beauvais begins and it has been a surprisingly easy stitch.  I have soooo many more ideas for similar vintage textile patterns, I'd better try and step up the pace!

I'm using Splendor silk floss on this one, my first time trying it and I'm really delighted with how it stitches, feels and looks. 


  1. Beauvais is looking wonderful - and the colors you could use on this piece! I'm excited to see what other Vintage Textile designs you'll come up with. Thank you for sharing Ursel's beautiful pieces as well!

  2. Thanks Debby, it is the only way I can play with such textiles, and I've really been 'seeing' so many more, I just need time to put them into the software and then of course stitched. Loved Ursel's work! :)