Saturday, January 3, 2015

Alsace Stitching & January Colors

The new year has begun and it is looking a lot like winter on Gracewood.

Looking east towards the mountains you can see the well house and how much snow we've gotten and we are under a winter storm warning for another 10+ inches from tonight through Monday.  Anyone who knows me know this is a 'good thing', lol 

Definitely stitching weather, and 'Alsace' is proving a pretty fast and fun stitch.   I do have a fondness for red and white patterns and that was part of why I chose to do the ticking fabric for the Vintage Textile collection using the red ticking that the Alsace region is known for.  Hopefully, I'll get more done during the coming snowstorm!


We have some more beautiful 'red' on Gracewood at our bird feeding station.  We've never had them before but this year we have had several White Winged Crossbills.


We know they migrate in our area but had never had any come to the feeders.  It is so pretty to see them alongside our gorgeous blue Stellar Jays.  The bird feeders are in a sheltered area and with the approaching storm it is a very busy area at the moment.  Terry stocked it up with suet and seed early this morning and as usual, the birds know when a storm is coming and are frantically 'filling up' before retreating under the snow covered boughs.

And an update on our pear vinegar making. 

Here are a few half gallon jars with varying stages of vinegar development.  We've strained out the fruit peelings after several days of bubbling away and these are now getting darker and stronger as the 'mother' develops.

Vinegar 'Mother' Developing
I wish I could send along how fabulous they smell!  We're looking forward to using the vinegar in everything from salads to sauces.

Hoping your New Year will be a blessed one!  Feel free to post comments about what is going on in your 'neck of the woods' :)


  1. Lovely redwork, Kathy and I love your snow especially as it was stinking hot here in Melbourne yesterday (41/106 degrees!). Your vinegar looks divine and I am sure I can smell it from here! lol!

  2. You are on the opposite end of the world, aren't you Kaisievic? Ouch, that is hot! We can get hot here in the mountains, but thankfully it is months until I have to worry about getting hot again. I've heard Melbourne is a beautiful place, hopefully there are places to escape the heat. Thanks for stopping by :)