Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Know When to Fold 'Em & New Free Pattern


What is true in life is true in design, when something isn't working it pays to know, as the old song says,  'when to fold 'em'!  I had put 'Violette' on hold while I stitched the model of Seville for Just Cross Stitch's May/June 2015 edition and when I went back to stitching it I kept seeing things that I thought could have been better done.

This is why I like stitching my own models.  I get a feel as I stitch if the design is achieving the vision I had for it.  With Violette I kept seeing places I thought would be better tweaked a bit so at a little over the halfway point I couldn't ignore that voice in my head and I stopped stitching, went back to the design software and redid the pattern.  I'm much happier with the changes I made which included reducing its size, adjusting some motif placement and also added more highlights and shading. 

And because I don't have the time to begin the model again, too many new designs to accomplish, I've decided to put it up as a free pattern.  So please help yourself if you'd like to stitch the new and improved art nouveau panel inspired pattern, 'Violette'.

Click Here to Download Violette

I've begun stitching the fourth design in the Vintage Textile collection, Alsace and the happy red colors are definitely helping the Holiday feeling.

I'm sending my hope from Gracewood that this be a blessed Christmas and very Happy New Year for you all!  May it be a stitch full year for us all :)


  1. Kathy, Violette is absolutely gorgeous! It reminds me of a very pretty dress my mom made for me when I was in 8th grade. It had the same shades of green and violet with a reversible wide, sash and a bolero which was faced with solid lavender, same as the reverse of the sash. I received more compliments on that dress and it made me so proud of my mom's accomplishments! She was an excellent seamstress, having sewn many bridal party ensembles as well as a suit for my dad which she then top-stitched by hand with silk thread. She made it for my wedding and she made my husband-to-be's jacket as well. My mom is much older now and no longer does much sewing except for the more mundane mending. She's also an accomplished needleworker having done many items in Crewelwork, many of which have won first place ribbons. Thanks again for all your beautiful handwork; it's all extremely beautiful!!

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely recollection, Lorene! What special memories your Mother made for you and what a blessing she must be to her family :) One of the reasons I was inspired to start the Vintage Textiles collection was some of the wonderful fabrics that some of my extended family has used in their quilts over the years. Those fabrics have such charm and the idea of using cross stitch or needlepoint to create something reminiscent of them has been the impetus for a number of patterns.

    Thanks for your kind encouragement!