Saturday, February 1, 2014

A few shades of Wimsey and a New Project for Just Cross Stitch Mag

Even with a rambunctious Jasper parking himself on my lap whenever he sees me pick up the stitching frame, I'm getting some work done on Wimsey.

And I thought I'd show how different this design might look if other colors were chosen. 

This is Alternate 1 that changes one of the colors from dark gold to dark lavender. Amazing what a different feel it gives.

And Alternate 2 changes all of the colors to shades of mauve and teal.
The fun of playing with software and colors!
And a new project for me, Just Cross Stitch magazine has asked Gracewood Stitches to contribute an ornament for their annual Christmas Ornament edition.  I've accepted their invitation and have come up with a design I'm really happy with, though I can't share it until the magazine comes out this year.
Now if I can just shift this large Chessie head on my lap to accommodate the frame it is competing with I hope to get some stitching done on this very cold and snowy weekend.

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