Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Pattern 'Wimsey' Model & Inspiring Dadoes

Hopefully holiday tasks have passed and in this quiet winter season you have more time for things like stitching, at least for readers on this side of the hemisphere :)

I've made some progress on the model for the new pattern, 'Wimsey" (see back a few posts for its introduction)  I'm using two shades of gold and two of green in HDF silk floss on an 18 count off white Aida fabric.
Wimsey model
This pattern is based on the type of art nouveau style plates found in a collection in a vintage Viennese publication of patterns and designs.  Different from the better known all over designs that repeat a motif, these early plates reflect a tripartite panel style.  Frequently used in early wall coverings and reproduced today in historic lincrusta dado panels, they consist of three distinct sections, the frieze at the top, the field and then the dado at the bottom.

Below are some examples of this type of style used in wallpaper, lincrusta and tiles

In addition to wall coverings such panel designs were used to decorate many items, including paper, porcelain and stained glass.

I'd also like to express my gratitude to Just Cross Stitch magazine for including Gracewood Stitches in their current Jan/Feb edition.

With a special thank you to Vickie LoPiccolo Jennett for her article,  Gracewood Stitches: Capturing Sentiment.
And if you would like to share a recent snowy morning on Gracewood here is a video I took of one of Jasper's early morning walks.  He is on a leash because outside of our fenced area there is a great possibility of running into some of our neighboring wildlife that a puppy his size couldn't deal with.  As you can see he enjoys the snow!



  1. Kathy, I love your Wimsey. The colors are a fantastic choice!

  2. Thank you, Sue, glad you like it.

    I like these colors too, they have the kind of joyous feel I think the design reflects, though I do keep thinking of how it would look in some other colors. I'll have to play with the software and see how they work. I'll try to post some other shades.