Friday, November 9, 2012

Three Log Cabins on the Wall

Three down, one to go. And as I'm starting Log Cabin~Summer it begins to snow on Gracewood :)

I'll post the colors and floss I'm using for this one next time.

The stitching has slowed a bit as I took some time to do some Tunisian crochet to make some new lapghans for winter. I found some beautiful wool from Sweden on ebay to make this one.

It so nice and warm and with the temps forecast in the teens the next few days I hope to spend some time under it while I stitch.

Hope that any of you affected by hurricane Sandy are finding some relief from all the hardships it brought with it.


  1. The impact of those three together is great - and the fourth should be the icing on the cake :) Beautiful shade of wool in that afghan - nothing like pure wool for warmth and coziness!

  2. Thanks Di, I'm happy with how they are working together. The wool is even lovelier in person, my photo doesn't do the color justice :)