Friday, November 23, 2012

Log Cabin~Summer Model

I'm finally picking up some speed stitching Log Cabin~Summer's model. I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy stitching a summer piece while looking out the window at the snow falling but I'm happy to say they work together rather well. I'm particularly enjoying the morning glories :)

I am using HDF silk floss and the dmc to hdf conversions are as follows -

DMC 827 Blue-vy lt - HDF Aquamarine 2433
DMC 826 Blue-md - HDF Chryscolla 2253
DMC 825 Blue-dk - HDF Chryscolla 2255
DMC 741 Tangerine-md - HDF Umber 4355
DMC 740 Tangerine - HDF Umber 4353

It is hunting season here and our many local deer know right where to go, lol
Most mornings we find scenes like this right off of our back porch.
Twins born this year seem to be able to read the "No Hunting" signs posted on Gracewood

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