Saturday, October 6, 2012

Two Log Cabin Patterns Framed

Log Cabin~Autumn & Winter

I'm a little behind on my usually fast stitching on my patterns, because I had rather extensive surgery on my foot this week and having to take some pain meds I don't trust myself to follow even my own pattern, lol.

It will be a great time to do some work on a Tunisian crochet scarf, but crossing stitches will have to wait a few days :)

My DH, Terry, is not only taking good care of my 'honey, please could you get me this' needs, but also framed the first two Log Cabin patterns and got them up on the wall. I think they look awfully good and I'm just looking forward to finishing Spring and Summer to see all four of them hanging up there.


  1. Those are so pretty! Can't wait to see the next 2!

    I hope your foot heals quickly!

  2. They looks so good, Kathy.
    I hope, your foot heals fast

    Hugs, Heike