Thursday, October 25, 2012

Log Cabin~Spring Model Finished

Log Cabin~Spring

Another one done in the four seasons series! The pdf charts are on sale for $8.00 here

I hope to get it framed and on the wall with the first two soon, though it might look strange until the Summer model can complete them.

Today I hope to get the fabric on the frame to begin Log Cabin~Summer, I can't stand not having a working piece on it. It just doesn't seem right to sit down for a bit and not have something to be stitching :)

Though it will be strange doing something with summer themes as winter is nearing. We've had our first 'winter storm' warnings and the snow on the mountains is working its way lower and lower with each storm. It won't be too much longer till it is white here as well. All the fruit trees are harvested, fertilized and are giving us some lovely fall colors.

Every weekend in the month of October the local Lions Club sponsors train rides through the area and people come from many miles to take the rides and see all the fall colors. Here is one lady's description of her visit to take the train.

You tube also has some videos of the rides

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