Friday, July 13, 2012

New Design! Log Cabin~Winter

It is already time for designers to begin submitting our patterns for the upcoming Counted Wishes Festival and I really wanted to have the second seasonal log cabin design included in the Gracewood Stitches 'booth'. I hope to have it stitched before the show when it will go on sale.

I chose blue and gold shades for this one. At least where we live those are the colors I most associate with winter. The cold blues of the snowy landscapes contrasted with the warm golds of firelight. It is close to the same size as the Autumn Log Cabin design and I think they'll work well hung together. I rotated the dark colors to the top right in this one and will continue to move them in the spring and summer designs so when all four are completed they can be hung with the light shades towards the center creating an overall 'log cabin' quilt effect.

Though of course they could be hung in any grouping to give differing impressions.

Log Cabin~Autumn is close to completion.

Summer finally arrived on Gracewoods and the spotted fawns of spring are now appearing at the feeders with their moms. Their legs are much steadier now and I don't know what is quite as delightful as seeing their wonder at all the new things they are encountering. It is a lot of fun to see one when it meets a squirrel for the first time!

Our roses are putting on quite a show, they loved our wet cool spring and now the warmer weather is kicking their blooming into high gear. This is our Constance Spry in it's pink fragrant glory.

Wish I could post how great a fragrance these are wafting out to us!

And someone who is really enjoying lazy porch days is our Zoe.


  1. The new chart looks very nice.
    Your Zoe looks like a old german shepdog. I have one, too. Her name is Charlie and she is 13 years.

    Hugs, Heike

  2. Hi Heike, Zoe is a ten year old German Shepherd, her father was a beautiful Czech police dog. She looks very intimidating but readily hands out kisses :) I'm happy to see you have one that has attained a good age :)


  3. Ooooo, Kathy!!! I fear I'm going to be all over these log cabin designs! LOVE 'EM!

  4. LOL, that means they're having the desired effect!

  5. The winter square is a great companion for the autumn piece as well as a complement to your Northern Nights :) - I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the set when they're ready. Those roses are superb - is the apricot bloom from the same bush too?

  6. Thanks, Di. No the apricot is from a rose called Teasing Georgia and they have a lovely peachy note in their fragrance.

  7. Thanks for the name of that apricot/peach rose, it's a beauty, and sets off the Constance Spry and the honeysuckle so well. And to have a lovely fragrance like that is a real plus :)

  8. I just love this one. You continue to produce fun and interesting pieces! I just love log cabin quilts and this would play nicely in a room with them.

  9. Thanks, Ginger. I have several quilts hanging on our walls and I think these will work well hung near them.