Saturday, June 30, 2012

Log Cabin~Autumn, Progress & Colors

I'm stitching Log Cabin~Autumn on an 18 count pale cream Zweigart aida and using HDF silk floss.

The pattern is charted in DMC and here are the conversions to HDF -

DMC 743 Yello-md to HDF Gold Rush 4229

DMC 740 Tangerine to HDF Gold Rush 4233

DMC 741 Tangerine-md to HDF Gold Rush 4231

DMC 921 Copper to HDF Terra Potta 4321

DMC 919 Red Copper to HDF Terra Potta 4325

As you can see it is going pretty quickly and I'm happy with the feeling it is evoking.

I'm about to begin drawing the next Log Cagin design which will be Winter since I'm going to be featuring these in the online fall Counted Wishes Festival. The festival has a new 'owner' and some new designers from around the world and from some of the ideas being put forth by the group I think it is going to have some new and exciting formats and features. I'm looking forward to it!

While much of the east coast of the US is having record breaking heat, there are a lot of places experiencing record breaking cool temps though you rarely hear about them. I'm thankful to say we've been one of them. Wherever you are, I hope you're having an enjoyable summer and having some happy stitching time! :)