Friday, April 20, 2012

Tulip Model Update & Silken Treasures

There still isn't much spring outside at Gracewood, but Tulip's Praise is making me feel like it has arrived inside. Here is my update on the model's stitching. I wish it were more, but after a winter of being able to be happily homebound we've had to start the chores of spring from pruning to fertilizing the orchard and rose beds. We're in that short window between winter snows and spring rains and our stitching and painting have to take second place for a few weeks.
I'm very happy with the colors and fabric I chose for this piece. I'm finding them truly joyous :)
You know already that I love working with silk floss, but I really love all silk textiles. There is a wonderful exhibit at the Textile Museum featuring the woven silks of the famous Katagawa family of weavers. I find them exceptionally lovely and inspiring - Silk Textiles


  1. he red tulips are especially cheerful - wish we had some blooming here, but it'll be a while yet. And those silk fabrics are utterly gorgeous - thanks for the link to find out more :)

  2. We had lots of tulips this Spring! Your tulip pattern is beautiful!

  3. Only the green tips of the leaves are pushing up here right now. May is usually when spring actually arrives for us and oh what a beautiful month it is.

    Thanks Timi, I'm glad you like it.