Monday, April 9, 2012

Tulip Colors

Tulip Praise's stitching is progressing, though I have to confess I have a new obsession that has definitely cut into my stitching time. I'll tell you about it at the end of the post :)
As promised, these are the colors and floss I chose for the model. I've converted the dmc in the chart to the HDF silk I'm using -

DMC - 907, parrot green-lt / HDF - 3315 Wrasse Green

DMC - 3804, cyclamen pink-dk / HDF - Perfect Red

DMC - 906, parrot green-md / HDF - 3317 Wrasse Green

DMC - 3845, bright turquoise-md / HDF - 2253 Chrysocolla

DMC - 3806, cyclamen pink-lt / HDF - 1229 Attar Rose

DMC - 3607, plum-lt / HDF - 1367 Rose Quartz

DMC - 3689, mauve-lt / HDF - 1349 Sea Pinks

DMC - 703, chartreuse / HDF - 3307 Popinjay

DMC - 597, turquoise / HDF - 2435 Acquamarine

DMC - 598, turquoise-lt / HDF - 2433 Acquamarine

DMC - 911, emerald green / HDF - 3211 Isle Green

I also wanted to share a photo of the framed Back in the Day, beside one of the tins that inspired it.

And now my confession, we've discovered just how good Korean historical dramas can be! We began with The Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang-Geum) and since it is of course subtitled I can't stitch while I watch it! Terry can't do his painting and these things are long! This one has 54 episodes!!! The episodes always end in a cliffhanger and too many nights we'd say let's just watch one more we have to know what happens next!

What can I say? We're weak for good story telling and the sets and costumes were gorgeous! Some gave me inspirations for designs so as they say - 'watch this space'


  1. I love your stitching so much.
    Liebe Grüße Grit from Germany

  2. wonderful stitching and lovely colors!
    You'll get used to the subtitles. Over here almost everything is subtitled and I can manage my stitching most of the time while watching television. Try to stitch on a piece where you don't have to count all the time. Borders, specialty stitches and so on are my favorites when I need to divide attention a bit.

  3. Thank you, Grit!

    You are right, dulcinella, I'm already finding that I can stitch and glance up enough to catch what's being said, LOL But indeed, it has to be some easier stitching like a border that doesn't require too much counting!