Friday, January 27, 2012

Lydia Framed & BITD Progresses

Lydia is framed in the same framing I used for Coromandel, I think the dark gold along with the slightly oriental motif fits it well.

And Back in the Day, BITD, is progressing. This one is going to take some time, it is going to be big enough to make a statement, LOL I'm happy with the colors I've chosen, I think they are achieving the feel of older lithographs that I was seeking.

I'm also enjoying the Assissi technique in the third band, it is easy and fun to see the image appear from the voided areas. So far, so good :)


  1. Oh yes, I definitely am liking BITD too! I look forward to progress pics! Nice framing job! Hugs!

  2. Thanks Maggee, glad you like it :)