Thursday, June 30, 2011

Surgery Aftermath & The Delight of Flora Klickmann

I say surgery aftermath, because it is rather like one has been caught in their own personal natural disaster. Never to diminish what those who have experienced catastrophic occurrences have gone through, but I can relate to things being dramatically changed in a short period of time.

Thankfully, the doctor tells me cheerfully, the three hour surgery on my foot went well. But I thought I'd entered the twilight zone when they sent me home with a huge cast on my leg, a pair of crutches to try and maneuver my way through life's essentials and then gave me pain meds that would make a sober man five times my size stagger. Ah well, won't be stitching for a few days or I can imagine what Glorious Spring might end up looking like!

Until then, I'd like to introduce you to some wonderful designers/stitchers I've come across in my exploration of antique filet crochet. One of my favorites is Flora Klickmann (26 January 1867 - 20 November 1958), a remarkable lady whose story you can read at This lovely little bookshop near Tintern Abbey

Her accomplishments were many, though it is her particular eye for images she incorporated into her designs that have me calling her 'sister' from another mother ;)

Off to wrestle with more of those 600 lb purple rabbits that have been accompanying each dose of pain meds. hmmmm, there might be a design in that! Stay tuned!