Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Glorious Spring! - Introducing New Design

After being inspired by our intoxicating spring day last weekend, I began trying to capture that feeling in a design. It has taken a good 24 hours of work, but I am happy with the end result.

I see it on a dark green or teal fabric to portray the forest backdrop for this spring bouquet. Using the flowers of spring, violets, jonquils/daffodils, bluebells and the center motif of brightly barked and leafed trees with an art nouveau sweep to them, I believe it reflects the joy and the glory of spring after a long hard winter.

I have created an alphabet for this piece that will be added to the chart. Keeping in mind that this has not yet been stitched and there may be corrections, I'd like to catch the 'wave' of spring and offer this as a free pattern until the model is stitched. If you look to the right of the page under Sanctuary, you'll see a place to click to email a request for the pattern. If that doesn't work for you just email me at bungard.gracewood@gmail.com

I am so glad this one is done ~ I'll try and describe all the things that went into my decisions and the challenges I had, but I'm too tired right now after all that work to recall it at the moment! LOL

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  1. This is a lovely design! And I am happy to become acquainted with your blog. Carolyn