Sunday, May 8, 2011

Glorious Spring, How it Came Together - Part 2 & OMN Update Pic

Now that the 'fever' of designing Glorious Spring is abating :) I have completed the second row of hydrangeas on One May Night. Hopefully, I'll be able to get those last two rows and bottom border done soon and I can start stitching Glorious Spring.

I've almost completed choosing the HDF floss I'll be using for it. I have ordered a few colors from Vikki and when they get here I'll let you know which I've chosen for the piece.

I last spoke of the lacy border and the challenges of changing a small piece of motif into a border, corners and all. It also takes a good bit of maneuvering of software to get the proper lengths on sides and bottom to 'fit' around the inner motifs, but I think the effect it gives is worth the effort.

As I was looking for the flowers I was trying to find images that looked like they veritably danced with that joy I want the design to convey. I think I found them and the one thing I would say to anyone trying their hand at using designing software is SAVE each motif! I had the piece in what I thought was its final working design but when I was in the act of saving the alphabet I hit the wrong key and lost the whole thing!!!

After the shock and dismay died down, and a cup of strong tea and DH saying, 'you can do it again', lol. I began to rebuild and I was only able to do that, because I had saved each of the motifs to a file. And believing that all such things happen for a reason, I am even happier with the final design. It was meant to be ;)

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