Friday, May 27, 2011

Glorious Spring Begun & drat! a Small Correction

Drat! I started stitching Glorious Spring and found that the corner didn't quite line up, it is off a square, but I found that a few additional stitches helped and though it doesn't quite make it perfect I am going to go with it since it represents lace and handmade lace isn't always perfect either ;)

Cutting an angle on something that has to be square can be more than frustrating and sometimes it just isn't possible. I do think it is close enough not to interfere with the flow and only the eagle eyes of a certain friend of mine will probably notice it.

Here are the corrections and if anyone who has requested a chart wants a new one please feel free to email for one. (That's why these are free till the stitching is done!)



Correction aside, I have to say I'm happy with how it is looking. The camera washed the dark teal fabric out a bit, but those are some happy dancing violets and daffodil :)

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  1. It's looking lovely - and that butterfly is a great addition too :)