Friday, August 31, 2018

September~Carnations Finally Finished

It is hard to believe it took this long to complete the model for September~Carnations, but it is finally finished!  At least I met my personal goal of having it done before September, even if it was by only a day, lol

This design can be purchased now on my website - Click Here and soon through Independent Creative Group and Creative Poppy

I'll remember lots of things looking at this design, such as a dash through snowy mountain roads in the middle of a very cold February night to the emergency room and months of recovery when even simple stitching seemed daunting.  But, thankfully, that is passed, I have a design I'm frankly loving and now I can start the patterns for wonderful autumn!

It hasn't been too bad of a summer here heat wise, but as always I'm ready for it to end and for fall to begin.  It is the last summer 'event' here this Labor Day weekend and will signal the time the tourists go home and us natives begin seriously preparing to sock it in for winter.

I wanted to show you that not all of our wildlife is large, like the elk in my last post.  This time I'll share some pics of our smaller visitors as well, like the chipmunk that visits the back porch every morning for his seed dropped from the bird feeders.

"Louie" the chipmunk

And one of our new fawns

Sometimes old friends return like this pair of bucks who we believe are twins who were born on Gracewood two years ago. 

I always tell them to head deeper into the forest as hunting season approaches, too many would love those racks as their trophies!!

I hope you've had a lovely summer (or winter depending which side of the hemisphere you occupy!) and like us are happy to contemplate more inside time with stitching in hand.


  1. Your carnations are lovely, it's the sort of design I love to stitch. I am always sad in September as its the final days of our summer, I do like the cooler months, but I don't like our cold wet winters.

  2. Thanks Marlene, I understand some of us are winter lovers and some are fans of summer. I'm happy to live in four seasons so just when I'm growing weary of one the next one comes along :)

  3. I like how the September design turned out. It's a great design! I'm also looking forward to late autumn and winter for more leisurely stitching time. Right now, I have a lot of garden produce to put up for winter. Thanks for posting the photos of the wildlife - Louie is a good name for a chipmunk.

  4. Thanks Mrs. C, I have no idea where it came from but when I asked Terry if we should name the chipmunk that we've been sharing breakfast with every day, he immediately said 'Louie' and I couldn't argue with that, lol Glad you like the design and I do know what you mean about garden produce. We made apple/ginger jelly, pear preserves and started some cukes fermenting this week. A lot of work, but they are so appreciated in the middle of January!