Monday, May 28, 2018

Sublime May

I hope May is as gorgeous where you live as it is here on Gracewood~  My two favorite months are May & December and this May has lived up to my expectations.  It has been cool and very wet and therefore very very green and fresh.  Though the snow melt has caused some very high rivers and lakes the flooding along the Pend Oreille river has not done a lot of damage, thankfully.

I'll post a few videos from our local drone photographer to show you what spring runoff can look like in the Rockies.

Metaline, the little village just to our north, their homes are dry it is the public park that is underwater, which happens frequently.

Stitching time has been cut into by garden needs since we're trying to add more raised beds and grow more of our food ourselves.

When I do get time most evenings to stitch I'm enjoying the newest design in my calendar series, September~Carnations.

Only a few days left in this beautiful month and we're trying to squeeze all the loveliness we can out of it.  Warm days, cool nights, brilliant skies and green green green everywhere, so sweet it makes me sigh.

I hope you are having a sweet May and finding time to create beautiful needlework too.

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