Saturday, February 10, 2018

Man Proposes but God Disposes or a Brief Time Out

Yes, it has been a while since you've heard from this little part of the world.  A week ago today I was planning on having "Seaside" completed and a new post up announcing that.  However, as life has often proved one of the most profoundly true statements is 'if you want to make the Good Lord laugh, tell Him your plans'.

A week ago today proved quite different from the scenario I had played out in my mind.  Instead I found myself waking Terry up at 2 am and saying I've got to get to the emergency room NOW!  If I'd known then what I'd known now I would have just had him call 911 and been air lifted to Spokane.  I thought my problem could be taken care of at the wonderful Providence Mt. Carmel Hospital we always go to in Colville - not taking into account that it was a weekend and they didn't have a surgeon on duty, they usually do but didn't that day.  Plus a helicopter ride is NOT on my bucket list.

So after enduring an hour trip over snowy mountain roads in our F250 truck and being taken into the ER, being given pain medication and a CT scan I found that as I had suspected I needed emergency removal of a very suddenly inflamed gall bladder. This was when we found that the people on staff of our rural hospital that could do such things weren't there that day. 

The next step of my 'big adventure' was a trip to Spokane two hours away in an ambulance.  Never having ridden in an ambulance I have to say I was surprised by how much it could make already horrible pain, WORSE.  If you live in the north you know what the roads are like by February and every rocky bump was deeply felt.  Great staff but truly a ride I pray none of you ever has to take.

Adventure continues, when I got to the excellent Providence Sacred Heart Hospital that morning they took me straight into a room and the surgeon's assistant came in to examine me and verify things she then told me that they had some gang violence with gunshot wounds come in and the surgeon and her staff were very busy working with that so they didn't know when and for that matter if I'd have surgery that day.  I went off into la la land sleep and woke as they were taking me to the surgery area - they said if I'd gotten there half an hour later I would not have been able to have surgery there that day so I am one thankful gal.

Later I found out from medical staff that they proceeded with a laparoscopic cholecystectomy or gall bladder removal and it went normally until they found it was so inflamed and large it wouldn't fit into the bag they had introduced into my abdomen for it - pulled that one out, put in larger and proceeded with surgery.  I have nothing but compliments for the surgeon and her staff, where would I be without them?

There is much more to the adventure but some are best left untold, lol, I'll stop here to say that while I 'hope' to have 'Seaside' done and posted in a new post soon, I won't ever say I 'plan' to without a hearty God willing after it.

Hoping your adventures are more fun than mine!  A weak wave to you all - I did forget one thing I wanted to say, post surgery is NOT a good time to cross stitch, just don't even try it.  I attempted three stitches and quickly knew that was another of my plans that wasn't going to happen soon!


  1. So glad you got the help you needed right away. An inflamed gallbladder is painful and nothing can be pretty dangerous to ignore! Get lots of rest!!

  2. Thanks, Faith! Both of my parents and my brother all had emergency gall bladder surgery in their lifetimes, and I just knew when the pain got as bad as it did what it was going to turn out to be - those genes are hard to escape! My sister still has hers and is on her own High Alert!

    As to rest, one of the hardest things I'm having to do is stay awake. I've cut way back on pain meds and yet I still find I doze off at a blink of the eye.

  3. Relieved to hear you're doing better! Sounds like quite an adventure. I'm sure your husband and Jasper are doing all they can to help!

  4. Thanks, Mrs. C, you are right my 'guys' have stepped up to the plate and I'm so proud of all they are doing. Two weeks tomorrow since the 'adventure' and I'm slowly getting to the point where I feel like I'm seeing the crest of the 'pain & disability' hill. I have promised myself I'll do my best to get 'Seaside' done this weekend. See, there I go planning again.

  5. Oh my, definitely NOT a "bucket list experience" to pursue at all! But I'm glad to hear that you were eventually able to get into the right hands and had a good outcome - hope that you've been recovering well and will be back to stitching comfortably (and effectively!) soon.

  6. Thanks Di, recovery is indeed proceeding and I hope to have a new post up this week with completed 'Seaside' along with new design for September. Hope you and family are well!