Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Spun Plum Complete & New Design 'Tussie-Mussie'

Lace Traces~Spun Plum
Hooray!  Spun Plum is complete and is now for sale through my WebsiteCreative Poppy and icg crafts

*Note! if you purchase patterns, including Spun Plum, through the website through July the buy one get one promotion applies.

It really was fun to stitch in Kreinik's Silk Mori floss and I look forward to pairing it with Shades of Jade and hopefully, two more to come in this series, in a quilt like wall hanging.

But that must wait, as well as finishing Belfast :(, since I have a new design and deadline for stitching it by October for the June 2017 edition of Just Cross Stitch magazine.

That design is 'Tussie-Mussie'

I'm stitching this in shades of cornflower blue and if you aren't familiar with what a 'Tussie-Mussie' is, it is a Victorian era word for a nosegay or small bouquet.  As you can see it is also in the Assisi style of stitching only the background, a style I've come to love for the dynamic effect it gives a design.

This has been a perfect cool wet July on Gracewoods, so different from last year's heat and fires for which I am profoundly grateful!  I hope it is beautiful where you are as well.


  1. Sugar Plum is gorgeous! Can't wait to see Tussie-Mussie started. I need to clear out some of my stash so I can fit these in!!

  2. Thanks, Faith, there just is never enough time to stitch is there? :)