Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Collection of Designs - 'Lace Traces'

Lace Traces~Shades of Jade
Spring, I find, truly has the effect of making me want to begin new things.  In addition to the strong urges to begin Spring cleaning everything from ceiling to floor, I also experience a strong creative impulse and this year it has resulted in what I hope will be a series of patterns I'm calling 'Lace Traces'.

The first is 'Lace Traces~Shades of Jade' and is a good bit smaller in size than the larger Vintage Textile series of patterns.  This one is a more manageable stitch count of 123 x 123 and the finished pattern on 18 count cloth is just under 7 inches square.

Many of my designs are inspired by color and this one certainly was.  I am stitching the model in Kreinik's Silk Mori floss in shades of Teal/Jade - "4193-Light Jade" and "4196-Dark Jade".

I hope to finish the model and have this one available on the website and through Creative Poppy and ICG soon.  I think it is going to be a quick stitch :)

It is Spring indeed on Gracewood and thankfully, this Winter and so far, Spring, has been blessedly wet and everything seems to be just waiting for a bit of warmer and drier weather to burst forth in abundance.

Snowshoe Hare turning from white to brown for Spring

Some mornings are still icy as this Bittersweet vine can attest

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