Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gracewood Stitches in Magazines & a Giveaway!

'Twilight' Christmas Ornament

It was my pleasure and honor to be invited to contribute a design to this year's Just Cross Stitch special Christmas Ornaments edition.  The magazine has just been released and is available at your local stores now.

Jam-packed ornament issue to ensure your Christmas tree is decked out this season!

Filled with 75 cross-stitch ornament patterns, this annual issue from Just CrossStitch magazine will bring instant Christmas cheer to your hearth and home. There are a multitude of unique and original designs, from Santas and angels to snowmen and birds.

Also included in this special edition:
  • Designer biographies and memories from holidays past
  • Recipes to share with your own family
  • Ornaments suited for every decor and skill level
  • Large charts for each pattern
  • Full instructions for completing each ornament
  • And much more!
My contribution, 'Twilight' was inspired by our beautiful winter evenings here in the northern Rockies.  I hope you'll pick up a copy of what has become a much anticipated edition each year.
Gracewoods is also being mentioned in the newest edition of New Stitches Cross Stitch magazine, a publication from the UK.  I have the summer edition of the magazine that I'll giveaway by a draw!

Just leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite colors are for your cross stitch projects.  I'll draw a name next week and ask the winner to contact me with their mailing information.
Stich on!!! :)


  1. Congrats ontge magazine.
    I really love blues & greens, but usually will go with the design.

  2. Hi Sheila, I love blues & greens too, in fact I've been getting different shades of blue and green flosses for a design I've got in mind. You are in for the draw, thanks!

  3. My favorite colors are yellows and oranges - especially when the days get shorter and colder!

  4. Yes, Claudette, I know what you mean, looking out my window at some trees, shrubs and undergrowth in the forest that are shot through with yellows and oranges. I love the combination with some green alongside.

  5. I love fall colours, reds,oranges,yellows, warm browns. But I also love greens with blues and purples. It is hard to choose sometimes. Thank you for the drawing.

  6. Patriotic colors are my first choices with autumn colors as a very close second. But the softer springtime colors are also very pretty. It's so hard to choose, because there are so many colors to choose from, that it's hard to pick just one set of colors! thanks for this drawing!!

  7. I know what you mean about liking lots of combinations and choosing colors has to be the hardest part of designing. Colors evoke such distinct emotions and in that respect they also accentuate the feelings you are trying to convey with a pattern.

  8. My favorite colors have always been purples and blues. Now I have been tempted to branch out to reds and oranges and have been looking for a project I might like using those colors.

  9. Try this again as I don't think my first comment went through. My favorite colors are anything in the purple family. That means I absolutely adore your ornament. Congratulations on making the JCS Christmas editions.

  10. Thanks TCF, the ornament was inspired one evening when the snow on the mountain tops deepened from pale violet to deepest purple as the sun was setting.

    Reds and oranges are wonderful together, Faith, their warmth is so inviting.

  11. Thank you so much for a chance!!!! I absolutely adore your designs ...they are so beautiful and interesting to me. I want to stitch them ALL!! My favorite color is any shade of purple.

  12. Thank you, Kimberly, I'm always happy when my designs strike a chord with someone :) I have to say purples seem to be the colors I gravitate to most, in fact I have to restrain myself at times and force myself to use other colors or all the patterns would be in shades of lavender or violet, lol