Saturday, November 2, 2013

Carolina, Jasper & an Enthusiasm

Three more bands to go on Carolina.  Stitching has slowed considerably with the now ten week old Jasper as part of the family.  Anyone who has ever had a puppy knows how much time they consume with the constant loving and teaching they require and the taller they get the more things they can find to get into!

But he's been more than worth the effort :) 

It has been a lot of fun getting to know him, he is a sweet loving and ENERGETIC boy, lol and we're so glad we have enough fenced acreage for him to burn off that energy.

Since I haven't a lot of stitching news right now, I'm trying to finish the Carolina model to coincide with the Just Cross Stitch magazine article - which will be on newsstands New Years Eve - I thought I'd tell you about another enthusiasm of mine.  And that is the work of Japanese woodblock artist, Kawase Hasui (1883-1957)


During his life Hasui was named one of the Living National Treasures of Japan.  One of the chief printmakers in the Shin Hanga (new print) movement, his watercolors and woodblocks move me deeply.  His gift for portraying night scenes as well as snow and rain and the moods they can convey are profoundly beautiful.


I love the sense of stillness and peace they portray.

The harmony and balance Hasui achieved inspires me, I could spend hours lost in his remarkable work.

If you hadn't met him before, I hope anyone else similarly moved by Hasui's work will enjoy the introduction.


  1. Those prints are amazing. Will they be an inspiration for cross stitch?

  2. Aren't they beautiful? I'm not interested in doing an exact representation of them in cross stitch, but if I can capture the mood they convey and their harmony and balance in color and composition I'd be very happy :).

  3. Just curious, is Jasper a Chessie? Looks like it with his curly back. He's adorable.

    I love your site - you do beautiful work.