Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Iris Celadon Progress

Iris Celadon

Yes, this is a large piece, but I'm amazed at how fast it is stitching and how much I've enjoyed doing it. Once the initial few rows of the patterned background are established it has been fun to follow the pattern as it grows and I can just glance at the previous stitches without having to check the chart too frequently.

The chart will come with the usual DMC cotton stitch equivalents, but for the model I'm using HDF silk floss. The colors I'm using are Yerba Mate #3135 for the background pattern, Sue-Purple #6117 for the Iris and the border, Umber #4355 for the gold in the Iris, Gold Rush #4229 in the border, and two Isle Greens for the leaves #3211 & #3209.

This design was inspired by a beautiful porcelain vase that recently appeared on one of my favorite programs, the Antiques Roadshow, shown on PBS stations in the US.
Makuzu Kozan Porcelain Vase, ca. 1898

When the same intricate repeating pattern used in the vase appeared again in one of our Korean Historical Dramas (Shin Don in this case) I knew I had to make it a feature in the next design.
Emperor's collar

Proving once again that inspiration can come from the simplest of sources.

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