Friday, February 22, 2013

Chrys Progress & a Waif's Story

It is snowing heavily today and supposed to continue through the weekend so I'm hoping to have some serious stitching time. Getting close to finishing Chrysanthemums and that's good, because I have some ideas for new designs that I'm looking forward to translating to new patterns.

I want to tell you about a waif that showed up last month during the coldest part of our winter. One afternoon I saw some deer at our feeders looking intently and on 'alert' at something in our driveway. Terry went out to see what it was and came back with an almost frozen and nearly starved tabby cat. As starved and dehydrated as he was he wouldn't eat or drink until he'd had some serious petting, he seemed so very relieved to have found people again.

I think you can see from the look on his face that he was in trouble. After he realized he'd found a safe warm place he drank and drank and drank, he was so dehydrated, and then ate a small amount of food and curled up and slept deeply.

Now a month later, you can see that he looks so much better. He's gained weight though he still needs to gain a bit more and he's happy enough to be sunning himself on the firewood and also keep an eye out for the squirrels that live in it.

We've named him 'Buddy' because he is so very friendly and sweet, you have to be careful when you take a step since he's always right beside you. We've looked for any notices of someone losing a cat but none have appeared. Sadly, sometimes people do dump their pets out in the country, but what counts now is his future not his past and he seems to have become a part of the Gracewood homestead.

I think Terry is going to have to do a painting of this shot.


  1. Thank you for helping Buddy, some people just wouldn't care and you can see he's blossomed with care and love.

  2. We are always richly repaid every time he rubs up against us with a purr :)

  3. How good of you to take in that wee cat. I can see he knows he has found the perfect folk to join their family.