Friday, December 21, 2012

~~Merry Christmas from Gracewood~~

Winter has arrived on Gracewood! This was the first day of a three day winter storm that just passed through our mountains.

This is day 2, love the 'hats' on the fenceposts.

By day 3 it was getting serious!

In between baking things for the holidays and watching Terry plow the driveways, I have gotten some stitching done.
Log Cabin~Summer

May you all have some wonderful holidays and a blessed New Year!

And a Merry Christmas from Zoe who always knows how to have fun!


  1. Log Cabin Summer is coming along nicely! It's absolutely beautiful!
    I love the snow Kathy! It's so pretty & fluffy.....and deep!
    I have a dog named Zoe too!

    Have a very Blessed Christmas!

  2. Thanks Christine and you have a blessed Christmas too!

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