Saturday, September 22, 2012

Log Cabin~Spring Progress & Colors

First day of Autumn, yea!! And here I am stitching spring, lol

Log Cabin~Spring is proving to be a pretty quick and enjoyable stitch. The count on this piece is 190 x 190 stitches and the 5 DMC colors with the conversion to the HDF silk floss I'm using is below. Only 5 colors, you can't say I make you go broke on floss!! :)

DMC 907, Parrot Green-lt - HDF Popinjay 3303

DMC 906, Parrot Green-md - HDF Popinjay 3307

DMC 905, Parrot Green-dk - HDF Popinjay 3311

DMC 726, Topaz-lt - HDF Gold Rush 4227

DMC 725, Topaz - HDF Gold Rush 4229


  1. It looks wonderful, Kathy

    Hugs, Heike

  2. Thanks Heike, I'm happy with the design, I think it will make people think 'spring' :)