Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Design - Poppies

If you've followed this blog for any length of time you know that my designs have very personal inspirations. I can't follow any type of formula for developing a pattern, it absolutely must move me or I couldn't create a thing :) I heard someone say something recently that I certainly agree with, that 'the most essential key to any successful endeavour is simplicity and passion'. I'm just happy I have so many passions! LOL And I hope to always keep them as clean and simple as I 'see' them.

Poppies is another design inspired by a woman of strong character.

Stitch Count is 216 x 249

2012 is the year I discovered the world of Korean Historical Dramas. I especially enjoyed the three epics, Dae Jang-Geum, Yi-San and Dong-Yi. Stories about real people living during the Joseon dynasty which ruled from 1392-1897.

Their appeal includes excellent scripts, directing, acting, music, sets, costumes as well as their moral ethic. I love their depiction of women who battle not with martial arts, but who overcome obstacles with their strength of character, grace and virtue.

Each of these stories gives a unique glimpse into various aspects of life in the palace - Dae Jang-Geum was the first woman named Physician to the King and this epic features the world of the palace kitchens and medicine within the royal court. The insights into the food and medicine of the time is fascinating.

Dong-Yi explores the world of the court musicians and the women 'Inspectors' who were responsible for policing the inner world of the court. Yi-San takes us into the world of the artists who documented everything and the role of the royal guards.

This design is dedicated to my favorite of the three, Dong-Yi. The motifs were inspired by the image of a poppy in it's opening credits and the intricate screens that compliment the spare furnishings found from peasant homes to the palace.


  1. Thanks Lorene! I'm enjoying stitching it, will post some progress pics soon.