Friday, November 25, 2011

Gracewood Stitches on Creative Poppy

I'm very happy to be associated with Creative Poppy, today they introduced my designs which may be downloaded in either English or French versions of pdf charts. Working with them has been a pleasure! This is their introduction of Gracewood Stitches

The pdf chart pages click here for English version and here for French

'Hope' is stitching rather quickly, I hope to post a photo in the next day or two.

Today, I'll share a photo of one of our 'neighbors'.
When the snow gets deep and it becomes harder for the wildlife to get food we put out a bale of alfalfa hay for the deer. This little yearling doe decided it would be a good place to bed down too.

Hope everyone is having a good Thanksgiving holiday, ours was most blessed.


  1. Thanks for your blog, I love coming here to check your progress and to see the new designs available. I also love the pics of the local wildlife.

  2. Congratulations - it seems like just yesterday when Northern Lights was offered, and now look at you! It's been so inspiring to watch your designs unfold!

  3. My thanks for everyone's kind comments :)
    It does seem like yesterday, I was just thinking I needed to check the date this all started, I'm sure I'd be surprised.

    Stay tuned, I've got so many 'percolating' I can't wait to share with you.