Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why Band Samplers?

Why band samplers? Simple answer, Wachet Auf, a Long Dog sampler I fell in love with at first sight! I love it's flow, the William Morris type art nouveau feel of some of the bands, the combination of geometrics and florals are just so appealing. I also love the fact that bands like motifs give you smaller areas to accomplish at a time. One thinks, I'll just keep working and be done with that motif, that band, then I can stop. Suddenly a large piece is done!

After completing the sampler I happily jumped on the internet looking for something similar. Nada, zip, nuttin similar.

What to do? I HAD to do another one.

Do I have to make one myself??? Evidently.

Off, tremulously, to find some cross stitch software. I am NOT a computer savvy gal, by a longshot! Is there an idiot proof program with someone to personally answer questions? I mean a 'real' person.

After lots of reading about programs and finding my way to Jacqueline Holdsworth's Needleprint Infinity charts I took the plunge. In a very short time after buying the software I received downloads of the program and some of the extras I'd also purchased. Soon I was emailing Jacqueline - why did this happen? how do you do that? is this my fault? (it usually was) and I'd always get back a very kind cheery and most encouraging response as I got my feet beneath me and began finding my way around.

After a few days I had a design, a chart even. And although it was really primitive I'd learned the basics and it was time to take that 'thing' in my head and put it into being. That was in June and now in December Northern Nights is hanging on my wall and staring at me from this blog.

That was it! I was hooked, addicted, obsessed, hook line & sinker. Now here I am with a stitching blog! Me, of all people! Well all I can say is if I can do it anyone can. And I hope some will be inspired to give it a try.

Next post, inspirations and how to begin.

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