Thursday, December 16, 2010

Updates to Northern Nights Chart Keys & email for PDF Requests

Since there was a bit of confusion about how to receive the chart and it's differing keys, I thought I'd recap a few things here to clarify.

First, you can either download the chart at the Needleprint Infinity site or you can email me at and I can email pdf copies of the original chart in both color and symbol charts.

Jacqueline wisely changed some symbols when she posted the symbol chart, due to how some of the symbols print on some printers. If you use that one, the key is -

Downward pointing triangles - Light Gold
Right pointing triangles - Medium Gold
Left pointing shorter triangles (almost a bar shape) - Dark Blue
Left pointing triangles - Medium Blue
Triangles pointing upwards - Light Blue

If you request the pdf charts, with my original symbols, the key is - (I've also listed which hdf floss I used)

Symbols Key -

% - Light Gold, hdf Gold Rush #4229
4 - Dark Gold, hdf Gold Rush #4231
Solid Triangle - Light Blue, hdf Faded Denim #2229
X - Medium Blue, hdf Mermaid Blue #2317
Solid Square - Dark Blue, hdf Mermaid blue #2329

Hopefully, everyone will be able to obtain the chart they would prefer.


  1. Thank you Kathy for posting this correction! I really do love the sampler!

    I sent you an email in request of the pdf with your original symbols, which I find much easier to tell apart. Personally, I only get confused when the same essential symbol is used, just rotating it to a different compass point. When you are stitching, all those dark triangles start to look alike and you have to think....left point only, or down point only.
    I understand that Jacqueline saw the need for clear printing, but why *not* use X for one, dark square for one, etc. There are only 5 colors, it should be easy to find 5 symbols that are different enough and still print well. Not trying to be a troublemaker, just want this great chart to be used easily! The message I left on Needleprint yesterday was not posted, so I left another so other stitchers would know to get the correction. Happy Stitching!

  2. Check your email, your charts are there! Happy Stitchin, Stitchin Kat!

  3. Northern Light is a gorgeous design Kathy. Thank you for offering this to us. I have sent you an email and will watch for the chart. have a wonderful Christmas ands a Happy New Year. thank you again.

  4. This sampler is absolutely gorgeous ! A great great thank to offer such beautiful chart. I will send you very soon a mail so that you can send me the PDF chart.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year.