Friday, August 31, 2018

September~Carnations Finally Finished

It is hard to believe it took this long to complete the model for September~Carnations, but it is finally finished!  At least I met my personal goal of having it done before September, even if it was by only a day, lol

This design can be purchased now on my website - Click Here and soon through Independent Creative Group and Creative Poppy

I'll remember lots of things looking at this design, such as a dash through snowy mountain roads in the middle of a very cold February night to the emergency room and months of recovery when even simple stitching seemed daunting.  But, thankfully, that is passed, I have a design I'm frankly loving and now I can start the patterns for wonderful autumn!

It hasn't been too bad of a summer here heat wise, but as always I'm ready for it to end and for fall to begin.  It is the last summer 'event' here this Labor Day weekend and will signal the time the tourists go home and us natives begin seriously preparing to sock it in for winter.

I wanted to show you that not all of our wildlife is large, like the elk in my last post.  This time I'll share some pics of our smaller visitors as well, like the chipmunk that visits the back porch every morning for his seed dropped from the bird feeders.

"Louie" the chipmunk

And one of our new fawns

Sometimes old friends return like this pair of bucks who we believe are twins who were born on Gracewood two years ago. 

I always tell them to head deeper into the forest as hunting season approaches, too many would love those racks as their trophies!!

I hope you've had a lovely summer (or winter depending which side of the hemisphere you occupy!) and like us are happy to contemplate more inside time with stitching in hand.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

June Makes All the Critters Happy!!

June is usually a sweet time in the Rockies, and this June has not disappointed.  It is one of our wettest months and that makes everything so lovely and green.  Though it means more tasks to be done, it is also the time when afternoons make the hammock rockin in the shade call your name.
Terry answered the hammock's call

The critters seem to enjoy the month as much as I do.  Last week I was looking out the window towards two of our older apple trees and suddenly saw their tops shaking violently.  I glanced at the other trees to see if it was windy at the moment but all was still.  So I stood up to see two very large elk making the apple trees their morning snack!

And this morning as I pulled back the drapes I saw a pair of rabbits and a yearling doe enjoying themselves.  The rabbits would play attack each other - boy they can hop high! - and the young deer was watching them in wonder.

The Duel

The fog is rolling in so the pic is a bit darker, but the yearling is checking out the 'winning' bunny
It is also cool enough that the comforting sounds and smells of bubbling pots on the stove are happening in the kitchen.  One pot making beef stock and the other making apple/thyme jelly.  This morning's walk through the garden found the thyme at its peak and it was definitely time to pick the thyme and make something with it.  Sourdough biscuits with apple thyme jelly is one of my weaknesses, lol

Lastly, here is the progress I've made on September ~ Carnations.

Yes, I know, it is not as much as I had hoped to have done by this time.  But I'm not being too rough on myself since I'm still trying to recover my 'plateau' of health after the surgery in February.  

I have never mentioned it but I have been ill with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia for more than 30 years and if I go outside of the 'envelope' these immune system illnesses grant me, I fall down the rabbit hole (speaking of rabbits, lol) and it takes a lot of not pushing the envelope to get back to where I can focus and function again.

Since Terry is pulling most of the weight of chores both inside and out I'll hopefully, be back to making some hay with my stitching before too long.

Hoping it is a beautiful June wherever you are!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Sublime May

I hope May is as gorgeous where you live as it is here on Gracewood~  My two favorite months are May & December and this May has lived up to my expectations.  It has been cool and very wet and therefore very very green and fresh.  Though the snow melt has caused some very high rivers and lakes the flooding along the Pend Oreille river has not done a lot of damage, thankfully.

I'll post a few videos from our local drone photographer to show you what spring runoff can look like in the Rockies.

Metaline, the little village just to our north, their homes are dry it is the public park that is underwater, which happens frequently.

Stitching time has been cut into by garden needs since we're trying to add more raised beds and grow more of our food ourselves.

When I do get time most evenings to stitch I'm enjoying the newest design in my calendar series, September~Carnations.

Only a few days left in this beautiful month and we're trying to squeeze all the loveliness we can out of it.  Warm days, cool nights, brilliant skies and green green green everywhere, so sweet it makes me sigh.

I hope you are having a sweet May and finding time to create beautiful needlework too.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

April Snow Thunder & September~Carnations New Design

April has arrived along with LOTS more snow!  It has been accompanied by thunder which is a remarkable thing to experience.  A few nights ago the weather report was for heavy rain and storms passing through so when I went to bed I opened the window slightly to hear the rain - something I LOVE - but during the night I woke up to strange sounds.  It was like someone was dragging something on the porch.

I woke Terry up to go see what was happening, who the intruder might be making that noise - man or here more often, beast - but after listening a moment he said that it was snow sliding off the roof.  A sound I know well in December and January but not usually in April!

Sure enough the next morning it looked like a Christmas card again with a new 4" of snow on everything.  Springtime in the Rockies is always unpredictable, lol.

It was so pretty I grabbed the camera and this time took photos of chickadees at our feeders - they were rather frantic looking for seed so I thought they wouldn't notice someone taking their picture.  I got these four beautiful shots that Terry has promised to make into a set of watercolors that I can have made into cards.

Cross stitching is still a bit slow for me after surgery and now I've got a bad case of bursitis in my elbow so all stitching is being done with it resting on a pillow and even that hurts too much if I do it too long.  Ah, what a joy it is to age :)

But I have begun stitching the model for the next design for the calendar - September~Carnations.  I'm stitching it in raspberry shades and I think it will be a good color placed next to the first two months I've completed.

This time the fabric background is ticking, hope you like it!

Happy April and happy stitching!

Friday, March 9, 2018

August~Seaside Completed & March Like a Lion

A month after surgery and I finally completed "August~Seaside" and have September's design ready to start stitching.  So recovery, I'm most thankful to say. is happening. 

My monitor is showing the color on Seaside as rather blue, but it truly is in three shades of Aqua.  I used Rainbow Galleries Splendor silk floss in S952 Lt Aqua, S866 Aqua and S865 Dk Aqua. 

The pdf's for the pattern are now available for $8.00 on my  WebsiteICG Everything Cross Stitch and soon through Creative Poppy 

I don't know how many people today have heard the saying about the month of March, In like a lion, out like a lamb?  Well March definitely came in like a lion in our neck of the woods!  Here are a few pics to show what it looks like - will it indeed go out like a lamb?  I have my doubts, lol.

The view from the front porch is disappearing as the snow slides off the roof

Sun after the last big snowstorm

Those are veggie beds under all that snow

See the snow that has come off barn roof has piled up so you can walk right up on it & Jasper does!

View to the west off dining room is also disappearing as the snow piles up ~ we feed birds using old teapots and cups.
Hoping spring brings us all lots of time for stitching!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Man Proposes but God Disposes or a Brief Time Out

Yes, it has been a while since you've heard from this little part of the world.  A week ago today I was planning on having "Seaside" completed and a new post up announcing that.  However, as life has often proved one of the most profoundly true statements is 'if you want to make the Good Lord laugh, tell Him your plans'.

A week ago today proved quite different from the scenario I had played out in my mind.  Instead I found myself waking Terry up at 2 am and saying I've got to get to the emergency room NOW!  If I'd known then what I'd known now I would have just had him call 911 and been air lifted to Spokane.  I thought my problem could be taken care of at the wonderful Providence Mt. Carmel Hospital we always go to in Colville - not taking into account that it was a weekend and they didn't have a surgeon on duty, they usually do but didn't that day.  Plus a helicopter ride is NOT on my bucket list.

So after enduring an hour trip over snowy mountain roads in our F250 truck and being taken into the ER, being given pain medication and a CT scan I found that as I had suspected I needed emergency removal of a very suddenly inflamed gall bladder. This was when we found that the people on staff of our rural hospital that could do such things weren't there that day. 

The next step of my 'big adventure' was a trip to Spokane two hours away in an ambulance.  Never having ridden in an ambulance I have to say I was surprised by how much it could make already horrible pain, WORSE.  If you live in the north you know what the roads are like by February and every rocky bump was deeply felt.  Great staff but truly a ride I pray none of you ever has to take.

Adventure continues, when I got to the excellent Providence Sacred Heart Hospital that morning they took me straight into a room and the surgeon's assistant came in to examine me and verify things she then told me that they had some gang violence with gunshot wounds come in and the surgeon and her staff were very busy working with that so they didn't know when and for that matter if I'd have surgery that day.  I went off into la la land sleep and woke as they were taking me to the surgery area - they said if I'd gotten there half an hour later I would not have been able to have surgery there that day so I am one thankful gal.

Later I found out from medical staff that they proceeded with a laparoscopic cholecystectomy or gall bladder removal and it went normally until they found it was so inflamed and large it wouldn't fit into the bag they had introduced into my abdomen for it - pulled that one out, put in larger and proceeded with surgery.  I have nothing but compliments for the surgeon and her staff, where would I be without them?

There is much more to the adventure but some are best left untold, lol, I'll stop here to say that while I 'hope' to have 'Seaside' done and posted in a new post soon, I won't ever say I 'plan' to without a hearty God willing after it.

Hoping your adventures are more fun than mine!  A weak wave to you all - I did forget one thing I wanted to say, post surgery is NOT a good time to cross stitch, just don't even try it.  I attempted three stitches and quickly knew that was another of my plans that wasn't going to happen soon!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Bye Bye 2017 & Hello 2018

How is it suddenly December 31st?  What happened to all those projects I so carefully came up with last January?  Oh well, I'm optimistic enough to know I'll do it again next month and be grateful for any of them I actually accomplish.

"August~Seaside", the second month design for my Damask Calendar series, is coming along well and has been a lot of fun to stitch.  It is a frosty 7 degrees fahrenheit and we have about 14" of snow this morning and it seems like whatever season I'm in I always enjoy stitching something for the opposite season, go figure, lol

I'm loving this funny little fish looking back at me.

I hope wherever you are it will be a Happy New Year!  And that it will be full of lots of completed projects and happy memories.

Scenes from a very cold but cozy Gracewood this last day of 2017

Jasper LOVES snow!

The local herd begins to gather at back porch for handouts of carrots and apples.
Birds are enjoying the black oil sunflower seeds from the feeders